David does the Beat: Harmonies of the Lynch, both Made and Produced

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

David Lynch, releases his single “Good Day Today” with the British independent label Sunday Best.

About his own singing (from the Guardian):

“I don’t feel real good about it. I’m not really a singer, but my voice is treated like any other instrument; you can tweak it and manipulate it in so many ways these days. I was nervous about recording, but felt comfortable in the studio. I wouldn’t perform live. What do I sing in the shower? I don’t shower too often.

And his favorite Song at the moment:

I really love “Song to the Siren” by This Mortal Coil. That song does something to me, for sure. I actually wanted to use it in Blue Velvet but couldn’t get permission at the time. Then I eventually got to use it in Lost Highway

Can’t help include this Lynch produced version of “Falling”  by one of his favorites, Julee Cruise.  Haunting Fun on the 20th anniversary of the Twin Peaks and its phenomena.

Lynch’s own music web page, with the added bonus of a page of “Fallen” and “In Heaven” covers attacked by every musical style and tonal spectrum.

  1. maaretta says:

    Oh David! Your a clever film maker but definitely not a singer. Nope, not at all!
    But do love Julie Cruise’s “Falling”. 🙂

    • hapstance says:

      Autotuned to the max, and still a bit of a bore. but wouldn’t we all want to try our hands at everything if we had the means and the backing?
      His taste in music, and what he produces, moves along the lines of Julee Cruise. I like it, but would have imagined he would have a rougher edge in there as well. Doesn’t seem the case, however.
      But, as for “Falling”, who can’t love it?

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