You are what you seek: The lucky happenstance that 2010 searches tell us who we are

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

What word was most wondered about the last year?

Here are the top 10 words which were searched out in 2010.  And is it any surprise, at least for the 98%er’s who saw a reduction in salary and their governments propose cuts in social programs across the board,  that Austerity tops the list?

But for the 2%er’s at the top we see that they were busy seeking out the perplexing meaning of Ebullient (“having or showing liveliness and enthusiasm”) which they saw as mirroring the elating passions they felt for the wondrous increases in the Bonus Culture this year (155 billion US dollars).

Here is the top most searched for words of 2010, per Merriam-Webster’s rating

#1 Word of the Year for 2010:

1. austerity (noun)

: enforced or extreme economy

Click on each of the other words in the 2010 Top Ten List for more information:

  1. pragmatic
  2. moratorium
  3. socialism
  4. bigot
  5. doppelganger
  6. shellacking
  7. ebullient
  8. dissident
  9. furtive

And what was The Global Spirit of 2010?  Here is the answer to the perplexing and undermining question of “who we were in 2010” (as reflected in our Google Searches):

And, naturally, we need to show ourselves the necessity we had, and the  yearnings we embraced, for any and all distractions from the constant destructions and sadness’s cropping up insistently around us:   The top words searched through Google in 2010:


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