Does this list list itself? : Art lists, and others, of 2010 (now with updates!)

Posted: January 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

(Update I,  II, and III below)

Didn’t know that anybody would do it, but I should have guessed.

Here is a list of the best ”art” of 2010 the first is:by Peter Schjeldahl at the New Yorker (Good Art in a Bad Year).

And the second is “Time Out” who gives us a double joy with a Top Ten and Bottom Ten of Art Things of the Year.  As they say: “From the return of AbEx to Jeff Koons as curator, the year had its up and downs.”

But the best actually, and for those who love “the best of Lists” at the end of any given year and have a sense of irony, is the best of lists of 2010.

Update I:

Mat Gleason does the 10 most overrated Artists of the Decade over at the Huffington Post.  Take a look as long as you read it with a touch of whimsy.

Rachel Campbell-Johnston over at the Times takes a stab at figuring out what the ten best art exhibitions, worldwide, of the year was.  Ambitious to say the least.

Here is one for the best artist and show by Tim Kane, and one more by Laura McLean-Ferris for the Independent’s Year in Review series, titled Best visual arts of 2010

Update II:

LA Times gives us the 10 of last year from the Art to Jazz, and as a special bonus tells us who to watch out for in 2011.  On their “Culture Monster” page, naturally.  Definitely check it out.

Update III:

And for the painters out there, and for those interested in the canvas, pigment and brush.  The Painters Table, which acts as a portal for sites dealing with the idea of painting in the 21st century, has published a list of the top ten blogs about the medium.  Their mission and enthusiam: “Started with the idea that there is a magazine about painting created everyday on the web, we are thrilled to say this has proved to be true.  It is inspiring to see so many artists and critics writing daily about painting.  In a month and a half Painters’ Table has been able to send more than 2,000 visits to more than 100 artist blogs and art websites.  In 2011 we hope to drive even more traffic to bloggers while creating a comprehensive, enjoyable web publication about painting.

Painters’ Table is less than two months old and we are thrilled by the response to the site.  Thanks to all who have visited, submitted blogs, joined the email lists,  “liked” Painters’ Table on Facebook and followed the site on RSS and Twitter.  Special thanks to all of the bloggers who have featured Painters’ Table and added the site to their blogrolls.  We hope everyone will continue to blog, to enjoy and to share Painters’ Table in 2011.”

The top 10 list of sites is here.


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