Short Attentions: Topics Lightly Glanced Upon.

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Sloan Digital Sky Survey, detail

Sloan Digital Sky Survey

A Sky Dense with Stars Beyond Imagining

The most detailed picture of the universe ever made is released by the Sloan Digital Sky , SDSS-III, project which has been at the task for a Decade. This is the culmination of the work which would only really be perceivable with “a million high-definition televisions to view at its full resolution. With more than a trillion pixels, this is the most detailed digital picture of the universe ever produced.” See the Guardian for a concise and simple explanation of the Image.

HUBBLE, Hanny's Voorwerp

Astronomers Begin Observing Hanny’s Voorwerp with the Hubble Space Telescope

This Greenish pattern in the sky was first discovered by a Dutch school teacher in 2007 and is named Hanny’s Voorwerp, or Hanny’s Object.  This Hubble photo of the object was released  Monday at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle, and shows us that this gaseous object of green is a collapsing formation whose internal pressures will come to create new stars. These stellar formation clouds must exist out side of a normal galactic cluster due to gravitational patterns but will eventually, due to gravitational fields, will come find their way into a cluster of stars.

Hanny’s Voorwerp is approximately the size of our own (Milky Way) galaxy and is 650 million light years distant from the earth.  The Gas cloud is composed predominately of hydrogen in a gas state and has a odd movement from a gravitational encounter with two galaxies. The odd green glow comes from being illuminated by a quasar, (which gains its intense brightness from energies of a black hole) in one of these galaxies.

AP Obama Photo with Shepard Fairey's Obama Image

Shepard Fairey vs. Associated Press Lawsuit about famous Obama Hope Poster dropped.

The Judge in the Fairey vs. AP case has dismissed copyright lawsuits between Street Artist Shepard Fairey, who created the Barack Obama “HOPE” Poster and The Associated Press. However the Judge  left in place on the calendar a March trial date for other related claims between the news service and companies that sold merchandise using the artist’s image (not against Fairey himself, but the companies that is).

The Case focused on the nature of an AP picture taken in 2006 when Obama, who at the time was a U.S. senator from Illinois, and was at the National Press Club in Washington at the time the photo was taken by a member of the AP Photostaff. Fairey used the photograph when he made the poster image at the time of Obama’s 2008 presidential run. In 2009, Fairy had sued the AP attempting to get a legal declaration that copyright law did not apply in the case of the Obama poster regarding the use of the AP photo (as ground for the image).

For Heavens Sake, Damien Hirst 2011

For Heaven’s Sake, not again

Diamonds are about perfection and clarity and wealth and sex and death and immortality. They are a symbol of everything that’s eternal, but then they have a dark side as well.
–Damien Hirst

Going on with work started with “For the Love of God”, which cast and encrusted with diamonds a human skull, Damien Hirst’s new skull piece does the same with a baby’s skull (and naturally, a controversy). For Heaven’s Sake, the title of the new skull piece (see here for information regarding For the Love of God) is cast from a infant’s skull in platinum and studded with pink and white diamonds.  The baby’s skull, from which the casting is done, is believed to be that of a newborn less than two weeks old which is part of a collection/cabinet which Hirst purchased which dealt with pathology and oddities of the 19th-century.

For Heaven’s Sake, which is set with more than 8,000 diamonds by the royal jewelers Bentley & Skinner, will be on view starting the 18th of January as the inaugural exhibition of the Gagosian gallery in Hong Kong. Surely a way to garner attention for the new Gagosian venue!


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