“A small spark neglected has often kindled a mighty conflagration”: Climate Considerations

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Hekla Dögg Jónsdóttir Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire Fire Fire. 2006

“Fire by Fire”, installation by Isabelle Hayeur, 2010.

Montreal-based artist Isabelle Hayeur’s work ‘Fire with Fire’, is a site-specific video project which took place in Vancouver, Canada in 2010. The piece is a 15 minute video loop that simulates a fire in a four-storey heritage building in the downtown eastside.

What We should be thinking about: The National Climate Data Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released new data indicating that the year 2010 was officially the hottest year on record, with the added bonus that the period from 2001 to 2010 is the hottest decade on record. Released on Wednesday the report can be read through here.

Per 2011-01-14 report, Global Temperatures

Along with the rise in temperature there was a vast increase in the global average precipitation making 2010 the soggiest (wet) year the planet has seen in 130 years.

Some of the facts:

If we combined both the land and ocean annual surface temperatures for 2010 (the study at NOAA tied the information with the year 2005) it was the warmest such period on record making it 1.12 F (0.62 C) above the average 20th century world temperature.

Bright Ugochukwo Eke, Acid Rain, 2008

Taking just the land surface temperatures for 2010 (once again tied with 2005), it is noted as the second warmest on record for our lovely earth, coming in at 1.73 F (0.96 C) above the 20th century’s average temperature.

Bright Ugochukwo Eke, Acid Rain, 2008 detail

Looking at the ocean surface temperatures (global) for 2010 (it also tied with 2005 once again) it is the third warmest on record, and shows itself at 0.88 F (0.49 C) above the 20th century’s temperature average.

Ruri, Glass Rain, 1984 detail

2010, also, was the harbinger of a major alteration in the flow pattern of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) wind current (it changed both its course and strength).  The ENSO is a major and continuing wind pattern (current) which influences and stabilizes world temperatures along with rain and moisture (precipitation) patterns.

Ruri, Glass Rain, 1984

Along with the National Climate Data Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,  the Global Historical Climatology Network has rated the year 2010 as the most moist (to put it softly on your ears) year on record for the earth in terms of the average.

Issue, Isabelle Hayeur 2004

Documentation of a site-specific multimedia installation by artist Isabelle Hayeur. Work was commissioned by Champ Libre. Issue (2004) was conceived to be integrated with the site of this (above) abandoned waste incinerator. The piece was constructed at the l’incinérateur des Carrières de Montréal as part of The 6th Manifestation International Video and Electronic Art

1997 El Nino Wind Current as seen by TOPEX Poseidon


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