Skateistan: Parks and Social Purpose

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Believe it or not, Kabul; Afghanistan has its own inventive Skateboard Park.  Winning a Prize this year from the Sundance, the 9-minute documentary on the park, Skateistan, is the tale of the park and discussions with some of the youth who inhabit its community.  Here is the short film in its entirety!

In a country with innumerable problems,  the Skate Park aptly titled, Skateistan represents an oasis where children can be children and build the kinds of cross-cultural relationships that Afghanistan needs for future stability.

From the Program’s Note:  Directed by the former professional snowboarder Orlando von Einsiedel  the short film recounts the parks history and current directions: The Skateistan project—started by two Australian aid workers who began giving skating as well as educational lessons to more than 350 kids in Kabul, Afghanistan—equips young men and women with the skills to lead their communities toward social change and development and piqued von Einsiedel’s interest enough to make him want to capture it with a camera. Flying directly from Frankfurt to Kabul, von Einsiedel and crew sought to create a more optimistic image of Afghanistan. What resulted is a beautifully composed film that turns a spotlight on neither the battles nor the victims in this war-torn country, but rather on the hopeful spirit and culture of change that the youth of Kabul are yearning to put into action.

  1. maaretta says:

    Good film. Got some pretty disturbing shots of the city; makes you think of the state the country is in.
    Also nice to see kids finding there own way to express themselves in the mid of complete chaos.

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