Stay Where You Are! : Urban Street Animations and Documentations in the Dark

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Joshua Allen Harris uses tape and garbage bags to create inflatable animals that become activated on the street from the airflow caused by the passing of underground trains.  Fastened to the street exhaust vents of the urban environment these casually animated creatures are fascinating and a bit disquieting. Steven Psyllos discusses with Harris this aspect of his work, and gives a good selection video examples including a look to new creations.

MUTO,  by Blu, 2008;

Animated street art by the Italian artist Blu, created in public, urban spaces in Buenos Aires and in Baden

Julian Opie , “Walking Along O’Connell Street” 2008:

Electronic Public Billboard and Opie figures walk the “street”.

Alec Monopoly (called this because of the Monopoly man imagery) 2010:

Talks about his work and has a number of larger, new pieces documented during their creation in his guerilla style. Appropriation and critique of the financial markets and consumer society, definitely.

COMBO, urban street animation by Blu and David Ellis 2009:

Ellis and Blu use the walls, architecture, intrastructure, and refuse of the urban space to create this animation.  (Combo is Looped twice.  Additionally, Note influence on Blu’s new animation, Big Bang Big Boom, 2010. Scroll to bottom of post to watch animation.)

Jurne, Dement, Twigs, Enron & MWM create a full length mural, in the dark of night, along a train yard wall in Oakland, California.

  1. maaretta says:

    Inflammable bags where Great. Loved the Giraffe and the Lochness Monster.
    Also enjoyed watching the Combo film. It felt like the pictures where alive. Street art is an interesting new phenomena.

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