The World is a Lot of Stuff Going-On: Martin Creed and the Excess Event of Existence.

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Martin Creed- Mothers, 2011  at Hauser & Wirth

Mothers as a concept prone to the feral.

Martin Creed – Ballet Work No 1020, as part of the Traverse Theatre Festival 2010

The unsettled relation of causation between two things,  and the dubious nature of First/Last.

Thinking / Not Thinking by artist Martin Creed, from Telephone Records, Creed’s own label. Release date 20 January 2011. Accompanying the CD is this DVD music video directed by Creed, with the dog duo Orson and Sparky.

Passing from one state to another depends on what does the passing.

Martin Creed – Down Over Up, 2010

The Senselessness of Things Seen and the funny social nature of color.

Martin Creed,-‘Sick Film’, Work No. 610, 2006 (first 5 minutes of 21 minute film)

The mind of the body in conflict with the intentions of the mind.

Martin Creed Work No. 850, 2008

The beauty of the run, the ethereal presence of the art event, or the habits of the museum viewer?

Martin Creed work no. 200, ‘half the air in a given space’, 1998

Which half did the artist mean, and which half did he work on?

Martin Creed- Work no. 232, “The whole world + the work = the whole world” , 2007

Infinity plus one (or infinity plus infinity)  is still just infinity, but is it a different infinity?

Martin Creed-Work No. 371, 2004

Two phenomenological systems meet in obvious and apparent conjunction, and both become strange.


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