The Frantic Pace of Process: David Ellis and the Unfolding Artpiece

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

David Ellis “True Value”  2011

True Value (paint fukette) – is a kinetic sound installation by David Ellis with composition by Roberto Carlos Lange. At Joshua Liner Gallery

David Ellis at work

David Ellis came to prominence in the early 2000s as a member of the renowned Barnstormers, an art collective known for public projects originating in the artist’s hometown of Cameron, North Carolina. Steeped in the worlds of hip-hop music and street culture, Ellis has channeled these interests into motion paintings, kinetic sculptures, and installations.

Letter to the President (20/120)  David Ellis & Barnstormers (2007)

The artist has evolved a personal style he calls “motion painting,”  (see some work here) with large-scale murals evolving over time in the public view. In this time-based approach, Ellis interprets sound into waveforms and filigree that undulate over a background tapestry of marks and symbols drawn from public signage, commercial advertising, his “to-do lists” and other sources of contemporary culture. His wall paintings are often recorded in time-lapse, adding performance elements to the overall experience of his work. Like jazz, this process allows for spontaneous collaborative improvisation. (from Joshua Liner Gallery)

DOZENS David Ellis (2009)

Born in 1971 in Raleigh, North Carolina, David Ellis received a BFA from the Cooper Union in New York City and currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

Barnstormers (2006)

David Ellis has received the Pulse Prize as well, see David Ellis Wins New York 2011 PULSE Prize

Brown And Gold,  David Ellis + Roberto Carlos Lange (2010)

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    do you know how to get in contact with David Ellis?

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