Running the World with No Agreement: Feminist Thinkers on the New Pop Products of Beyonce and Rihanna (with a Little Slutwalk, and Grrrl Riot)

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Beyonce’s new and questionably feminist beat-heat, “Run the World (Girls)” has started a bit of a discussion:

Jaz wants us to flip it and use the video as a teachable moment for a new empowerment. Samhita thinks that “Even at her most seemingly feminist moments, Beyonce falls back upon traditional ideas of femininity, of love and of romance.” Natasha Theory is all in for the video and song due to a feminism which requires openness and multiplicity. Akiba Solomon, at colorlines, is torn between the beat and the message, so gives us a summary of thinkers from activists to University professors weighing in on the feminism of Beyonce.   And Nineteen Percent gives us the rant below on how Beyonce is disguising the hierarchical relations in the world:

And Rihanna’s more melancholy outing with the tune and video “Man Down”,

depicts a victim of sexual assault who finds satisfaction with the kill in her revenge-fantasy music video.   Upset, concern, and controversy are aroused, but Rihanna is not persuaded by the arguments and lays out her thoughts.  Crunk Feminist Collective, Change Happens: The Safer Blog, and Ms. Magazine all have a thought about it.

And The NYT Looks at the Riot Grrrl good times, with a lot of talk of Bikini Kill, and Le Tigre. Jezebel has another here (with gross-out factors included),  and the Guardian here

All This and Just in Time for the Slutwalk (which is tied to the Riot Grrl movement, and which has some thoughts about circumventing Slutshaming.), in the UK, Los Angeles, Boston, etc (check the list of places which are hosting slutwalks, here).

Glasgow Slutwalk, 2011

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