Calling for the Spare while Living the Lavish Life: Jobless Recovery and the Redistributions amongst us.

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Easter Meal for the Needy, Los Angeles, California

When we speak of ”Jobless Recovery” we need to be clear.  It means not only that there is (1) rampant unemployment while the some of the numbers of the economy are looking favorable, but also that (2) the “financial” institutions are back to profit levels, and actually exceeding, “pre-2008 crisis” heights while the actual general economy is notoriously bad and in a decline (that is a small section of the population is reaping the rewards of the Post-2008 Financial collapse).

The profits of the Small sections of the current society:

Back to Profits for Finacial Markets

And how the sharing of the economy works for the general population:

workers plummeting share of the economy

The thing to remember here, the call for Austerity Programs to solve this problem (that is the “Real” Economy) would: 1) constrict the flow of money through the economy inhibiting recovery which would benefit the general population (and bring about a fuller robust economy), 2) put added pressure on the bottom 98% who have no money (this is in tandem with calling for Tax Decreases for the Already Wildly Profitable 2%, who see already record low taxes), and 3) would make it necessary for the populations to seek “private” companies for the Public services (like health care in England, or Electricity in Sweden) shifting this economy to the upper 2% as well (austerity programs and privatization drives become a way for the “markets” to get their hands on money distributed elsewhere in a economy).

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