For Us All: International Women’s Day meets Word and Image (updated)

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EQUALS, Sam Taylor-Wood (2011)

(update I, and II below)

This short Film produced for International Woman’s day is directed by Sam Taylor-Wood (Video-Conceptual Artist – who has now joined the varied rank of Contemporary Artists who have directed a Feature Length Film with her Study of the early John Lennon in “Nowhere Boy”), and was written by Jane Goldman (of ‘Kick Ass‘ scripting fame and who has straddled the line of videogames, pop-retro-occult culture and the fan-cult passions of Sci-Fi/Comic Imaginings).

Following the odd blending of Women’s Day and James Bond the film is voiced by Dame Judi Dench who resonates in her self-referential role as ‘M’ in the Current Bond Remix, and stars the current Bond filmic incarnation Daniel Craig.  This two-minute film will screen in cinemas to highlight the questions of Gender Inequality that persist between men and women in cultures worldwide.

The EQUALS partnership and Annie Lennox notes this is film was created by donated time of the entirety of the Crew and Members and is made in the hope of a moving peoples and governments towards a more equal world for women and others ostracized by the barriers placed before all gender enactments.

And one more for IWD, this Poem, below, Graffiti Baby,  by Spoken Word Artist and  Poet Lisa Baird (Lisa B), who is known for her sly verbal conundrums explicating the invisible matrix’s of power where genders are contained and trapped.

Graffiti Baby , Lisa Baird (2009)


Global Gender Gap Ratings: Most Equal Top 15 Countries 2010


Global Gender Gap Ratings 2010

Does Your Country appear in the top 15?

Follow through to Global Gender Gap Report (2010, Pdf here,  or webpage here ) from the World Economic Forum,  to see all the information.  Detailed and worth the read in its entirety…… or just skip through to your Country to see where you sit in the Gender Gap rankings (which include all the Countries ranked in Economics, health, education, and many categories more!).


Update I:

Milica Tomic, I am Milica Tomic (1999)

Woman inscribed by lack and its violence.

Update II:

Maaretta over at Ruby Soup with Pearl Juice gives us a selection of spectacular women to read up on- from the Physicist Fabiola Gianotto at CERN, to Jasvinder Sanghera, the founder of “Karma Nirvana”.

And Chally at Feministe links to a great selection of international editorials on this 100 year Anniversary of IWD.

  1. maaretta says:

    Love the “Equals” video. It had good points and was well made.
    Thank you for WeF’s list! Happy to see Finland in the third spot, as well as the other Nordic countries in spots one, two, four and seven. And congratulations to Spain! It has earned it’s eleventh spot well! Just last July, in 2010, the left-leaning government totally legalized abortion 8as long as it’s under four moths pregnant, of course). It warms my heart to see such positive change happen.
    Very shocked that South Africa made it so high. They have such a huge problem with violence against women. All countries do, but South Africa’s problem is just so wide spread and common. But then again, I find Ireland and it’s society to be extremely macho and so male-dominated I’m surprised it made it so high on the list. But I’ll check the report to understand better what the reasoning and calculation is.

  2. i can agree with the article

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